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Today's Post is about Alexa like i have posted previously on alexa
Killer tips to boost Alexa Rank
again i m discussing few things about alexa yes some people says its just use less and some says its waste of time also some web seo experts says its important for your website.
i always monitor my ranking as it is an indication of the amount of traffic your site is getting.

boost Alexa Rank

Boost Your Alexa Rank
So, for those who still consider Alexa as an important part of website traffic and seo, here are some helpful articles from big and small bloggers alike who share their ideas about Alexa rankings and how to increase it.
The process of increasing your websites Alexa Rank is not an easy one as it takes months of constant work and time.Do not expect to see a Million rank rise in Alexa Rank overnight.

Few Key point that needs to consider:

  • Create you website panel in alexa just sign up at alexa site and register your website.
  • install Alexa widget into your Site
  • Install Alexa Toolbar
  • Tell Blog Readers And Friends To Install Alexa Toolbar
  • Increase Alexa Backlinks
  • Get More Alexa Reviews

    And Yes Alexa always has an important role in makeing your website recognizable on internet.stay tuned for few more tips on alexa.
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