Hi everyone after a long day here is one of my post on mobile security the dayz progressing people are getting much friendly with doing things from their cell phone now every task is simulated into app and merged into smart phone now.starting from ticket booking ,banking transaction,online purchasing and selling ...many we are depending on our smart phone as you know humans are weakest link of security you should observe following few tips to stay protected against these mobile phone based attack(Smart phone base attack as it is emerging day by day )
smart phone hacking
Golden Tips to stay safe using Smart Phone
  • Always use lock (complicated Pattern is best) never know where your phone travel and reveal.
  • don't connect your smart phone to un-trusted Network (Thinking lets enjoy free internet)
  • Don't install app without verification.
  • don't disable data protection option that is there in your phone...
  • there are many key logger program available for smart device which can actually store all your key touched and logs and send to attacker so be safe on that.
  • always better to have install a security program /app.

    There are many such tips available which i will be updating if you know such feel free to comment.
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