Hello friends today i am posting details about the most popular operating system Android

As smartphones and tablets become more popular, the operating systems for those
devices become more important.Android is an Os providing almost all latest feature like GPS, WiFi, UMTS ,touchscreen...etc
Android applications are written in Java and run in (Dalvik)virtual machines which executes it’s own byte code.
applications for Android can be obtained from a central place called
Android Market.

the above picture shows details about Android system architecture.
The kernel in use is a Linux 2.6 series kernel.
As Android run on low
powered CPUs, the libraries for CPU and GPU intensive tasks are compiled to
device optimized native code.
Android applications are run by processes and their included threads.
The structure of an Android application is based on four different components,
which are: Activity, Service, Broadcast Receiver and Content Provider onCreate()
The Activities are done using
onRestart() methods
the garbage collection is done smoothly by android os.
android JUST IN TIME COMPILER(JIT)is special compiler to run byte code efficiently.
power management is the important factors of android OS which is one of the best feature of android OS.
Android’s native platform is ARM.Android OS provide beautiful security feature and completely reliable.
Google have made Android one of the important contestants in the mobile sector the best in business OS.
1.1-February -2009 :– Initial release
1.5-Cupcake– April 2009 :– User Interface (UI) updates for all core elements,
accelerometer-based application rotations, on-screen soft keyboard, video
recording & playback, Bluetooth (A2DP and AVCRP profiles), based on
kernel 2.6.27
1.6-Donut– September 2009:– Gesture support, support for higher screen resolutions
(WVGA), text-to-speech engine, Virtual Private Network & 802.1x
support, based on kernel 2.6.29
2.0-E´ clair–October 2009:– Major UI update, Bluetooth 2.1 (new OPP and
PBAP profiles), media framework improvements, Microsoft Exchange support,
based on kernel 2.6.29
2.1-E´ clair–January 2010:– Minor update, UI tweaks, based on kernel 2.6.29
2.2-Froyo– May 2010:–Performance optimization, just in time compiler, tethering
and WiFi hot spot capability, Adobe Flash support, enhanced Microsoft
Exchange support, OpenGL ES 2.0 support, based on kernel 2.6.32
2.3-Gingerbread:-refined the user interface, improved the soft keyboard and copy/paste features, improved gaming performance, added SIP support (VoIP calls), and added support for Near Field Communication
3.0-Honeycomb-February 2011:-tablet-oriented supports larger screen devices and introduces many new user interface features, support for multi-core processors, hardware acceleration for graphics and full system encryption
3.1 Honeycomb-released in May 2011, added support for extra input devices, USB host mode for transferring information directly from cameras and other devices, and the Google Movies and Books apps.
3.2-Honeycomb-July 2011:-optimization for a broader range of screen sizes, new "zoom-to-fill" screen compatibility mode, loading media files directly from SD card, and an extended screen support API
4.0-Ice Cream Sandwich-November 14-2011:- honeycomb features to smart phones and added new features including facial recognition unlock, network data usage monitoring and control, unified social networking contacts, photography enhancements, offline email searching, app folders, and information sharing using NFC.
Ice Cream sandwich is the latest Version of OS.
Android is one of the awesome OS for mobile platform with some excellent feature so friends
if you looking for any cellphone the go for Android OS the best stay tuned for more information of android os ....
any doubt love to help :)

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