Hello friends as Requested By many of my friends today i am revealing the secret of mobile phone tracing by hacker with very cheap set up.

Cellular phones have became world best ways of communication these days using over 6 billion users worldwide in 2011 and most of which are (80%) are GSM subscribers. Due to the use of the wireless communication over network. Cellphone listen to broadcast communications that could reveal their physical location amazingly.

University of Minnesota researchers found a flaw towers that reveals the location of phone users.The Research paper Click to Download
It can also be used to pinpoint a target's location but only when the attacker already knows the city, or part of a city, the person is in.

I believe that network providers have sufficient privilege to track cell phone subscribers . like voice call,allocating appropriate location of call.All it is require is to know the location of users in order to make it easy to find it“
According to Ph.D. student Denis Foo Kune says:-
"I.D. codes helps in lot better way,it to help In order to match the codes to the cell phone number, researchers called the phone three times. The code that appeared three times in the same time period in which researchers were listening in is most likely the code of the cell phone.“From there we can use that I.D. to determine if you’re around a certain area or if you’re on a particular cell tower,” he said.
The process requires a good mobile phone and a laptop, running the open-source Osmocom GSM firmware and software respectively, with a cable connecting the two devices. It also uses a separate cellphone and land-line.

The attackers use the landline to call the target's cellphone when it's located near the same LAC as the equipment and use the laptop output to monitor the broadcasts that immediately follow over the airwaves to page the target phone.

See This Video To Know How Cellphone Tracking Is Done

The implications of this research put a light on safety issues.

(Remember Tracing some one's phone number is crime you may be punished for it.)
some demo sites are...

for world wide :)(Kiddie one)
for indians
you can only trace exact location of a user when you have sufficient access to service provide server or signal broadcaster.

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