Are You afraid of that all Your data will loss As your Hard disk crashed ..
Then Dont Be worry if your harddisk got crashed
If You Want to Know How a Hard Disk Work Here is a Post For You
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you can recover your data 100% Here is the solution for this just go step by step :

Step By Step Method to recover Lost Data From a crashed Hard Disk

Step1 : This method is for Recovering Data From a Non-bootable (dead) Computer or crash harddisk which is not bootable.

step 2: remove the unbootable Harddisk from the computer or from laptop .

step 3 :then connect it to a external USB host SATA adapter(or directly to a SATA port on the mainboard) and mount it over another computer that is booting correctly.

step4: then recover all your "lost" data.

What u need to buy is 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Cable
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From Here
for more Explanation watch this video of Britec

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