Hello Friends, Thank You all The friends for Showing love towards Darksite and also many thanks you all for so many wishing me on my birthday.
so lets start to today's Post,one of the small trick that put some charm to use Face Book In a Hackers's Way ...:D

Now Very recently Facebook Officially H4X0R's Language (Hackers) 1337 (leet speak).
Now I will tell you how to apply it

Steps To Get Hackers's Language in Facebook

1- Login to your Facebook account
2- Goto account setting
3- search for language Option
4- now set it to "1337 speak"
you've done !

if you want to use Facebook in your old language then Roll back the steps and set Language Option to to English (US) again.

Hope you like this trick Have Fun With Facebook like a hackers Enjoy :)

After a short break my Exam War Will continue again So i won't be posting article for these few days
thank you again ...Take care.

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