Hey Friends as many of you asked for ILP PAT Test Exam questions and answer i will Put few question in front you.
TCS PAT Question Answer

What is PAT test?

Its a Pre Assessment Test That Is done by TCS Company in order to filter the number talented student.thay will give you few question to solve (Multiple Choice Based)
and based on your score they will select top 20 students and after that they will give you a chance to select your base joining location.

Two Of My very Nice friends Name Subhodip Manna And Deepak Sharma Were the topper of PAT Exam ...
So Here Are Few Question that we have came across during out PAT Test Exam..

1. What does the command ls do? -

a.Shows a calendar

b.Display of the contents of a file

c.Display of files and folders, present in the folder where you are
Opening a file .
d.Display Tree Structure.


2. What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?
option :

ANS :< link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle.css" /> command.?
4.display on terminal Command.(ANS:ECHO)
5.AND returns false if one of the value is false OR returns true if one of the value is ture is this true or false (ANS: true)
6.which is not a keyword (ANS: then)
7.Which of these is reserve word (ANS:GOTO)
8.which of these is use to copy one file to another (ANS:copycon)
9.question from sofware engineering(ANS: Re factoring).
10.things including software
b)requirment analysis.
d)all of the above
(ANS: D)

11.what dose hierarchical structure look like (ANS: Tree Structure)

12. Comparison php Question (ANS: a>b)

and also most of the question if it is having option like all of above then answer go for (ANS :all of above option) .

So All The Best For Those Who are going to join TCS ...and don't get too much worry :)
After all You have to learn a lot to become a professional :).
I will be updating the question alfter collecting as many question as i can from Friends ....As You know i spending very less time on internet ...or you can also say i m staying away from internet ha ha :)
Special Thanks To Deepak Sharma

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