Hello Friends like i said you before i will be sharing post on search engine results page (SERP) winning so before starting the post see the image below.
Killer Tips To Increasing SERP Score

So you can see on the image how a SEO expert guy work hard to wind SERP result.:)But now i am going to tell you few trick that will help you in winning SERP Result.
So Lets Start
What is Search Engine Results Page, SERP?
Best way to win SERP
The search engine results page or SERP is the page(s) of website listings that a search engine shows you in response to submitting a search to that specific engine. Ideally, you would like to show up in the first three results pages in a search engine for specific keywords that your site is designed around. Beyond the top 30 listings, you have less and less chance for someone to visit your site via organic search.

There are a number of things you can do to help your informational or ecommerce website rank high in the SERPs.
To built Good SERP You to be honest and work on your website SEO, then don't expect anything magical to ever happen.

SO Here are quicik tips on Gaining SERP .

Keyword Research:
First and foremost you must perform keyword research to determine what keywords and keyword phrases you are going to design your site around, as this will lay the groundwork for all of the meta data, text and links your site will contain.
Determining the right keywords to design your website around is important in bringing accurate traffic to your website.

The wrong keywords will bring you unqualified traffic and wasted visits. Researching the correct keyword phrases and building your site around these key phrases while may not increase your total traffic, will definitely increase your qualified traffic, offering you a greater chance of website conversions. Read my basic guidelines on ranking high in the search engine results pages.

Meta Data:
Once you've decided upon the keywords you want to design your site around, you need to customize the meta data located on each page of your website. It is important to have unique meta data on as many pages as possible of your site, all of them if you can. If a search engine sees that every page has the same title and meta description tags, you will get worse rankings than if every page was unique. Search engines want to know that every page is different from the last and has specific information to back that up. In addition, the title and description tags are what the end-users see in the search engine results pages of the search engines. If the titles and descriptions are non-descript or all the same, you are not doing your potential customers a favor. If you have a 50 page website and every page has unique content but all the titles and descriptions are the same, a web surfer will have a hard time determining which page is worth visiting.

Following with the theme of unique content, it is just as important to have each page of your website full of unique text and information as it is to have unique meta data. The spiders read all the text they can on every web page of your site that they are capable of reaching. They analyze keywords, the amount of times keywords show up (keyword density), and if the text surrounding the keywords would make sense or follow the theme of the keywords (latent semantic indexing).

New Content:
Continuing, again, with the theme of content, another key element to making your site more favorable to search engines is to regularly add new web pages full of unique content to your site.
Always bring quality content to impress readers also try posting regularly ,instade of writing 10 post a day make a habit of posting 2-3 post per day ,keep in touch with them.

Link Building
Another key element to making your website more favorable to search engines and giving you higher rankings is establishing inbound links from other websites. The greater number of websites that link to your website, the more important your website must be (this is a generality).
Also try submitting your website to various web directories,It takes time, effort and sometimes money (to be added to directories, etc.). One great way to get inbound links is to immerse yourself in the world of blogs.

I believe this will definitely help you in building good SERP Stay Tuned for next post it will be awesome on killer tips on increasing SEO you can get more visitors to your website through various search engine.

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