Today i am going to share one of my best script i.e "code breaker ICA" wp mass username/password changer, Devloped by Manish Tanwar
this script works even if "cant read /etc/named.cong error" in server .
its symlink based script which change the username and password of wordpress websites on the server just by single click
script has 2 option
1. you can run it to change the uname ,pass of wp websites on server automatically can run it just for specific wp websites.
here is the screen shot of the script

best Shell for hacking
ok now come to the topic
how to use this script......
first of all ,generate and run php.ini by click "use to generate php.ini" button
ok , now time to spin the shit XD
click on first option if you are lazy (it will automatically find the wp websites on server and then will change the username and password of admin panel )
click the hyperlink and screen will having "username and password box "
whatever username and password you are supplying that will be set for admin panel of the website
bydefault , username is Team and passwdord is INDISHELL
so if you dont change username, password , script will set the username Team and password INDISHELL for the wp website admin panel and you can login with these username and password
i will recomend you to change these value
just click "hex this shit" and wait , script will show you the results(success/failure of uname/pass change and if uname pass got changed , it will show you website name too)
second option is for just select user(user must be of wp websites)
for example, there is a website on server and its username is wordpre
so just put the username wordpre in the box
set the value of username and password that you want for admin panel of the website
and procced

Code Breaker ICA wordpress mass username password changer
updated rr cpanel craker with new features
scorpion shell finder
configuration file killer

About the Author : This article was written by manish Tanwar, Manish tanwar is a security researcher and Shell coder

Dedicated to : SH.Kishan Singh Tanwar and my Ex Teacher Mrs. Ritu Tomer Rathi
Interface Desgined By : Deepika Kaushik

Greetz To : whole Team Indishell.

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