Hi Everyone Here is the post that most people google for.
funnily i have given cise exam for multiple time for some of my friends. so lets not waste the time
directly go into question .so i am skipping the register for exam and other bla bla bla part.

Note: This Q/A we published after taking permission from Innobuzz and these questions are changed now.
come to question and answer.
1)Enter Administrative Contact Mail Address of

Asnwer:- Its very simple go to and search for and the answer will show you on search result.
that is

2)Enter Domain name Starting with "S" hosted on same server

Asnwer:- Again this can be solve via online easily Yougetsignal and the answer is .

3)Enter Exact name of service running on port number 21 of

Answer :- This Answer can easily Find out by using nmap.if u are on backtrack then you can use this simple command on terminal.

nmap -A and you will see the answer on scan result.

the answer is Pure-FTPd

4)Here is one of the funny question The Password is being sent on http header. catch it and enter bewlow.

Answer:-You can easily see by using mozilla live header addons.

And The Answer is ADMIN@123.

5) Here comes the final one again good one.Enter the password.

Answer:-you just need to view source(ctrl+u) you will see some thing like this on green color "cDQ1c3dyMGQyIyRAIQ=="

now this is a base 64 encodeed one you can easily decode with some online site like

The answer will be p45swr0d2#$@!

i believe this exam was easy yes. after submitting answer you will get a code which you need to submit at innobuzz portal.
after which you will get CISE certificate.

Please Do comment if you have faced have questions also you can add new questions if you get during exam .
Find screen shot here

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  1. hey great post. but now we need cise v2 level 1 question-answers. plz update it, thank you.

  2. what is the md5 hash associated with the ssl certificate of at port no 465

  3. hi, is it stll available for my exam?
    my exam shuf be on november 2010, bt because lack of study + busy with work, i jz wan take it...can u help me? pls do reply me at


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