hi in this post i am again sharing article of one of my very nice friend manish this php shell helps in cracking http basic authentication password lets come to the real topic what exactly basic auth.

Http Basic Auth Cracker PHP Script

so in order to perform HTTP transaction(request- response), basic access authentication is a method for an HTTP user agent to provide a user name and password when making a request.after providing correct user id and password when it is asked.

Basic Auth Prompt

it will allow you to do the http our objective here is how we can break it or get the correct user id and password
so we can do it with the help of php script and brute force attack.
you can brute force any panel which is using basic authentication using this script

download link here

Procedure is very simple

you need to supply link where htaccess is implemented , username list and password list

provide possible username and password list

and click "lets hex this shit" button
if password is weak or in your password list, you will get success message like this

Cracked Successfully :)

enjoy :)
with love from Team IndiShell
if you have any problem regarding this script , you can message manish on facebook

it work very nice you should definitely give a try :) if u encounter http basic auth somewhere :).

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