In part1 of this post i have listed Online | Live Sites For Practice Web Application Hacking Skills Now here i will give you links for downloading iso/zip file which you can install and enjoy in best possible way.
Hacking practice vulnerable
with these vulnerable web applications you can test your web hacking knowledge, pen-testing tools, skills, and kung-fu on, with an added bonus... without going to jail :) The vulnerable web applications have been classified in two categories: offline, VMs/ISOs.
The following list references downloadable vulnerable web applications to play with that can be installed on a standard operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc) using a standard web platform (Apache/PHP, Tomcat/Java, IIS/.NET, etc).i am sure this will sharp your hacking skill,take these as a challenge and i am sure this will be a boost for you.

List of offline VM/Isos For Practicing Hacking Skills

  • The BodgeIt Store (Java): (download)

  • OWASP Bricks (PHP): (download & docs)

  • The ButterFly Security Project (PHP): (download)

  • bWAPP - an extremely buggy web application! (PHP): (download) (docs)

  • Damn Vulnerable Web Application - DVWA (PHP): (download)

  • Damn Vulnerable Web Services - DVWS (PHP): (download)

  • OWASP Hackademic Challenges Project (PHP): (download)

  • Google Gruyere (Python): (download)

  • Hacme Bank (.NET): (download)

  • Hacme Books (Java): (download)

  • Hacme Casino (Ruby on Rails): (download)

  • Hacme Shipping (ColdFusion): (download)

  • Hacme Travel (C++): (download)

  • OWASP Insecure Web App Project (Java): (download - orphaned)

  • Mutillidae (PHP): (download)

  • OWASP .NET Goat (C#): (download)

  • Peruggia (PHP): (download)

  • Puzzlemall (Java): (download) (docs)

  • Stanford Securibench (Java) & Micro: (download)

  • SQLI-labs (PHP): (download) (blog)

  • SQLol (PHP): (download)

  • OWASP Vicnum Project (Perl & PHP): (download)

  • VulnApp (.NET): (CVS download & vulns)

  • WackoPicko (PHP): (download) (whitepaper)

  • OWASP WebGoat (Java): (download) (guide)

  • OWASP ZAP WAVE - Web Application Vulnerability Examples (Java):

  • Wavsep - Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Evaluation Project (Java): (download) (docs)

  • WIVET - Web Input Vector Extractor Teaser: (download) (tests)

  • Virtual Machines (VMs) or ISO images

    The following list references pre-installed and ready to use virtual machines (VMs) or ISO images that contain one or multiple vulnerable web applications to play with.
  • BadStore (ISO): (download - registration required)

  • Bee-Box (bWAPP VMware):

  • OWASP BWA - Broken Web Applications Project (VMware - list): (download)

  • Drunk Admin Web Hacking Challenge (VMware): (download)

  • Vuln Web App (VMware): (download)

  • GameOver (VMware): (download)

  • Hackxor (VMware): (download) (hints&tips)

  • Hacme Bank Prebuilt VM (VMware): (download)

  • Kioptrix4 (VMware & Hyper-V): (download)

  • LAMPSecurity (VMware): (download) (doc)

  • Metasploitable (VMware): (download - torrent) (doc)

  • Metasploitable 2 (VMware): (download)

  • Moth (VMware): (download)

  • PentesterLab - The Exercises (ISO & PDF): 

  • PHDays I-Bank (VMware): (download)

  • Samurai WTF (ISO - list): (download)

  • Sauron (Quemu) [Spanish]: (solutions)

  • UltimateLAMP (VMware - list): (download)

  • Virtual Hacking Lab (ZIP): (download)

  • Web Security Dojo (VMware, VirtualBox - list): (download)

  • You can have a lots of fun time with these so why to waste time download and gets started now .Happy hacking :)

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