online live site to practice hacking skills
Here are the list of website that beginners always look for in order furnish their skills,many at various place i encounter where students/new excited security learner ask me "is there any site available to practice all this hacking skills legally?" .

So here are list of online where you can test your practice its complete safe . next post i will share how you can mount own server on vmware and practice locally from own computer.

These are few online and live vulnerable web applications available on the Internet to play with.

Acunetix: (Forum - ASP) (Blog - .NET) (Art shopping - PHP)
Cenzic CrackMeBank:
Google Gruyere (Python):
Hacking-Lab (eg. OWASP Top 10): (beta):
HackThisSite (HTS - Basic & Realistic (web) Missions):
Hackxor online demo: (algo/smurf)
HP/SpiDynamics Free Bank Online: (admin/admin)
IBM/Watchfire AltoroMutual: (jsmith/Demo1234)
NTOSpider Web Scanner Test Site: (testuser/testpass)
OWASP Hackademic Challenges Project - Live (PHP - Joomla):
Pentester Academy: of my fav)

Enjoy all these different web vulnerable environments and sharp your web app pen-testing skills and tools practicing with them.
On Next part i will post the list downloadable file which you can use for boost your hacking skills

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  1. Thanks for sharing..
    Seriously am waiting for the testing targets on vmware.. Post it as soon as possible :)

    1. You are Welcome Vivek Here is that link of the post that contains what you need to sharp your hacking skills . :)
      #stay Connected #keep learning


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