Hi all here is a small trick that you can use to make your two different Facebook profile picture its just a small photo id related hack that makes it cool lets do it.
Follow it step wise

  • ok first of all chose an image that you want to make different profile picture

    Get your own photo albums
    It will open your "Profile Pictures" Album , click any picture you want to use as another profile picture.

  • After opening(Click) your wished profile image , look at the url and copy the "fbid" value , mine here is : 250571248304537
    facebook hack on image change

  • Carefully from here go to your Facebook account , click your profile picture and choice "Edit Thumbnail" .
    a pop up window will appear .
    Now right click and inspect element .
  • Here come the important step Scroll down until you reach the code which start with :

    Click the left small arrow to open the code and scroll down a bit until you find this code :

  • and finally Double click on the value to edit it , or right click and choice edit html , paste the fbid value that you copied in step "2" above .

    Click to save the changed , close the "Inspect element" window , Finally click "Save" Volla thats done :).
    Thanks a lot keep visiting have fun .
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