Today We are going to reveal a latest android vulnerability and steps to stay protected from it Actually its a USSD which exploit allows hackers to wipe your entire phone information and all you have to do is single Click Here's how it works, and how you can protect yourself.
Researcher Ravi Borgaonkar revealed this secret.

Its A very simple which need to embedded with a html to page or link when it is opened in your android device automatically your phone resetting will be done without any warning ..

The source code is some thing like this

Are You Serious About Your Phone data?

So far, only selected Samsung phones have been demonstrated to have a USSD code that performs a factory reset.
The following devices have been confirmed to be vulnerable to dialing USSD codes from a Web page:
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire Z
HTC Legend
HTC Sensation (XE) (running Android 4.0.3)
Huawei Ideos
Motorola Atrix 4G
Motorola Milestone
Motorola Razr (running Android 2.3.6)
Samsung Galaxy Ace, Beam and S Advance
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3 (running Android 4.0.4)

How to stay protected/safe from it?

  • Update Android
  • Use an alternative dialer
  • Block tel: URLs
  • Back up your phone

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