Hi everyone,
We are proudly announcing to all Darksite visitors that
your all time favorite and most lovable website Darksite has now
transferred domain name into

We are deeply sorry for interrupting our Darksite since past 2 month.
please apologize us because we are helpless due to corruption in Google
database its not mapping with our custom domain name and still it is not fixed by blogger team.but we accepted the challenge and have come with new domain name (Darksite cooperation)with the promising words that there will be improvements in blog quality and contents making you interact with next generation computer world and becoming smart...

As you all know Darksite is all about technology

latest hacking tutorial ,security,windows tips and tricks,
discovering new pro guide to search engine optimization ,
backtrack tutorial ,android tricks ,mobile tricks, Facebook tricks ,
penetrations testing ,learning and many more .

so we will be posting many tutorial here :).

I am Chandrakant nial requesting all my admin partner or owner of different website
help us in changing the domain name to in their respective site link exchange or their partner page thank you .

please help us by sharing this post to make other aware
that Darksite is raised again with new name (darksite corporation).

Love you all visitors and Thank You From Inner Heart :) .

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