Hey Every One We all Know the importance of Aptitude Skill and Problem Solving skill, It is The Most needed Part That Help You In qualifying any written test for your job requirements.
Well This Time I am Talking About One Of Our Favorite Aptitude Teacher "Subham Monarch".
Monarch Sir Is having some real Technical Skill that helps you in Solving Many Aptitude related problem in quick time and Very recently sir has launched his Own YouTube Channel to discuss and explain his aptitude problem solving optimum technique.I believe you are preparing for any entrance test or some banking exams or any such Job qualifying For software Company(Like TCS,Wip,Infosys..etc)then these video Tutorials will help you a lot and Boost your skill to solve written questions.

Also you can ask Your Aptitude related problem and I am sure that Monarch Sir will Love To Clear your doubts.

Here Are The Video tutorial Links.
Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

There Are Many Such Video Tutorial Are Available in Monarch Sir Video Channel Just Go through them i am sure you will learn a lot.

If You are having Any doubt do comment On YouTube Channel I am sure sir will reply soon and help you as quick as possible.

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  1. Mr. X sold an article at 10% loss. Had he bought it for 20% less and
    sold it for $77 more he would have gained 30%. Find its Cost Price?

    Answer Choices

    A. 24%

    B. 26%

    C. 20%

    D. 22%

    E. None of these

    Would you please tell me the solution?

  2. yup i guess u are r8 :)


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