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Ok then come to today's article we have already discussed previously on .
Free downloading Windows 8

Now After getting started with windows people look of easy and interactive use of windows so well friends i have got something interesting for you all wann see..

so here is the very famous windows cheat sheet must see if you are a windows 8 user.
it will help you a lot.

windows 8  cheat sheet
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Windows 8 introduced some awesome new features. Some key ones are the mouse and touch gestures that allow you to perform important system functions with ease. They will most certainly make your life easier, and this cheat sheet will show you the most important ones. If you find this cheat sheet helpful, take a moment to share it with your friends!

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Another One Of the Very important Shortcut list that i found is on Keyboard.
playing with keyboard shortcut is always been a handy experience .so here is a list of keyboard shortcut for every windows 8 users .
keyboard shortcut in windows 8
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I Believe this post must have helped you take a second to share our links and help your friend to learn :) thank you

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