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As you All Know Except These technical Stuff i Am Also A guitarist so in this tutorial i am going to discuss how you can easily learn guitar playing easily with some real smart application.

I was never a guitar guru, all I could play were some chords, but even a handful of around twenty simple chords can amount to hours of fun and hundreds of different songs to play. These days i spent much time outside home, I don’t have a guitar at every place, but like many others, I do have a smartphone.

Here Are The list of app that you can use to learn and play guitar easily

  • Guitar: Solo Lite [1.6+]
    Solo for Android is a $3.99 app which can help you learn guitar, and acts also as a guitar simulator. The free version, which I actually recommend if you’re a beginner, includes an acoustic guitar simulator, and a huge chord library for you to browse, learn and choose from. For each chord, you can see the exact chord diagram, learn how it’s played on real guitar, add it to your virtual guitar and play it on your phone. You can also add any chord you’re missing to the library by showing the app its exact fingering.
  • Learn Guitar Chords [2.1+]
    Learn Guitar Chords is an app suited for those who are just starting out learning guitar. If you already know your chords, and want to focus on playing, you can skip this app.
  • Chords! Free [1.6+]
    Chords! is aimed at more advanced players, who have already mastered their basic chords and want to learn more about them and their different fingerings.

  • Robotic Guitarist Free [1.6+]
    Robotic Guitarist is for those who want to jam on their phone without a real instrument, but is also really useful for those who do own one.
  • The Chordinator [1.5+]

    So There are many, many more guitar apps for Android out there. I would love to hear which apps are your favorites and which you think are the best to use.
    Use this collection to either get started with learning guitar, or to play basic guitar on the go, no matter where you are.

    Do Post Yor Review comments any query regarding guitar is also welcome :).
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