HI Friends There are Billions of Facebook users world wide also it is increasing rapidly day by day.when it comes to such number of users there is also an issue of privacy which is one of the most important concerns for all social networking site users .
From now on, new users will be given specific instructions on
  • Facebook’s default settings
  • sharing permissions, policies on data access
  • rules about apps, games and third-party Web sites advertisements
  • photo tags
    and the way the site finds friends and connections for new users.

    We Must admit that Privacy is a very delicate issue for Facebook, which has to carefully balance user privacy and comfort with the need for ad revenue.

    Last year, the company changed several of its privacy settings. For example, it decided to have users set privacy controls on a post-by-post basis, allow them to review picture tags before they appeared on user profiles and has made an effort to inform users about its policies for reporting and removing inappropriate content.

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    Help other to stay safe And Know About Facebook Privacy settings :)

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