In This Modern world everyone wants money and they try different ways to income money.But apart from that today i am discussing about making money online by sitting in front of your laptop /pc and digging money. yes its not any fake things all these i am discussing here is to earn money online.

Here are Top 7 way to earn money online

  • 1-By Blogging
  • There are two ways to make cash through blogging: either by earning commission from advertising banners placed on your own blog or by engaging in the practice of “sponsored” blogging. Also You can use different Ad Sense like Google or infolinks . Just establish yourself a decent blog, configure the ads and see what happens.
    An Example of blog is itself.

    2-ByDevelop application For Different Platform

    Those of you who are into programming, creating an app for a smartphone is a really good idea! Not many people think about it, which makes it that much more special. Again, you can learn how to make apps fro the leading online resources such as and O'Reilly Media. There's really no shortage of resources one can complain about.
    Once Start your first app,Then you can start thinking of a unique game or app idea. Forget Angry birds, believe me, there are people who are earning loads of money from much simpler ideas. You can make a simple app too. It'll either be popular, or it won't. But in either case, you'll learn something, and that is why you'll always be the winner.

    Popular smartphone platforms are Android and iOS. Even windows, Google is playing bunch of money to develop application and submit it to them :).

  • 3-By Write Articles

    Freelance writing is another great way of earning online. If you like writing, or if you are good at it, then you should consider this. Writing quality articles can earn you thousands of dollars per month. All you need to have is the right focus and of course, a good publishing platform where you can submit your articles.Be sure never to plagiarize. Unique and fresh content is appreciated, while plagiarism might result in a ban on you. So be original, and you will be fine.
    example and submit article there.

  • 4-By Playing Games Online (Testing/Reviewing)

    Yeah by playing games! Did you ever wish for something like this to happen. You can keep on playing hours and hours, but this time you would be get paid

    There are few such sites that require you to signup (paid) which i don't feel is much practical for students, so instead they could op tin for just paid to play games. Where you get paid by simply playing number of hours on the site.

  • 5-Earn Money online By Reporting Vulnerability On websites

    Do you know you can make money by Reporting Vulnerability On websites.
    you can report XSS, CSRF/XSRF, SQLi, Authentication bypass..etc many more or any new hack.when you report the vulnerability you will get reply from the website security team and bang you have earned huge money.

    some site that provide this bounty program are
  • Google(Send your report to
  • Facebook to (sumbit your vulnerablity goto
  • Paypal (submit report to here)

    Example : One Of My Nice Friend/bro Harshavardhan(Earned Many Bounty Program)

    So These are the few best way To earn money online. Later Also I am planning to post more on making money online Make Share and help other to earn money online :)
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