Top news for Hackers sitting at different corner of world and Backtrack Linux fans! one of The most awaited penetration testing Linux based OS has been released called 'Kali Linux' or 'Backrack 6',It has been created By BackTrack Developers.

From last 7 years we have seen five awesome versions of Backtrack Linux. But this time to achieve some higher goals, team decided to leave the 4 years old development architecture and Bring 'Kali Linux' in to picture.
Free Download Worlds Best Hacking Operating System
One of the great feature introduced is that, because of Debian compliant system, it is now able to Bootstrap a Kali Installation/ISO directly from Kali repositories. This allow any user to easily build their own customization of Kali, as well as perform enterprise network installs from a local or remote repository.

The Kali Linux ARM Architecture images work like charm on Samsung ARM Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, ODROID U2 / X2 and SainSmart SS808.
With more than 300 penetration testing tools, completely free, Open source, Vast wireless device support, GPG signed packages and repos, Multi-language, Completely customization make this distribution one of the best available masterpiece of hacking community.

And Again ,The Quieter You Become,The more you able to Here.

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As long As i m using it since past 3 days i found 30 more new tools which are quite better than Backtrack 5.After this new version is given just to make penetration simpler and easier.Keep Learning Hackers Hav Fun With Kali Linux.

You can Get All Backtrack Tutorial Starting From Basic On Clicking This Link.

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  1. greater than previous version...

  2. Yes it Is Power Full then previous versions with lots of tools :)

  3. sir it os Kali Linux 1.0.5 32-Bit ISO or Torrentis hack os is no or yes palse til


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