Hey Mates Despite of staying busy these days i am writing a small post for you all again focusing on one of the basics coz basics always help in any situation so lets get started.
Sql Map For Windows Gui
All of You must be knowing sql injection what it is and how it is works if you don't then you can go through older i am not focusing on sql injection but i will discuss a famous tools that saves lot time in sql injection not only that its also one of the famous tool that helps me a lot in many times.

Steps to be followed to install SQL Map In windows.

Step 1:Download Python 2.7,Download Link Here Python 2.7 install it. it will take just 5 mints..or also you can download it from their official website.

Step 2: Next step is To Download Sqlmap download then zip file.

Step 3:then unzip it with 7zip 0r Winrar .next is the important step follow care fully.

Step 4:Goto Start Menu => Run => type cmd and change directory to sqlmap ..
(where you unzipped it) mine is D:/sqlmap/
so you type in cmd C:\Documents and Settings\killed>cd D:/sqlmap

type in cmd :
python -u

Now You are Ready To Hack ..:) Have Fun Buddies :)

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