Okay Many of You ask actually how to upload shell with data tamper method so i am finally posting a brief tutorial on it.
So why to waste time lets start.
Uploading Shell Using data tempering
for doing this you need two tools

1) Firef0x Browser(I guess all of you must be having)
2) Tamper Data Add0n (Click Here to get it)

what is this Tamper Data AddOn

It is basically used to tamper data to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.Trace and time http response/requests.
Security test web applications by modifying POST parameters.FYI current version of Google Web Accelerator is incompatible with the tampering function of Tamper Data. Your browser will crash.

Some Times Few webs Don't Allow you to upload Shell As .php ,But With Tamper Data you can do it easily.

Now Follow the steps Carefully

Open Website's Admin Panel...
Uploading Shell Usindg data tempering
1) Change Your Shell Extension to .jpeg or .jpg or .gif

2) Now open your Tamper Data And Click0n Start Tampering..

3) Now go to Upload 0pti0n` and upload your Shell As shell.jpg

4) Windows Will Pop-UP. --- Tamper - Submit - Abort REQUEST

5) Click on Tamper

6) At Your Right Side Copy All Text from POST DATA BOX

7) Paste All text in notepad..
8) Now Press [[ CTRL + F ] its mean "FIND"

9) Search For Shell.jpg

10) Edit You Shell Extension to .php then copy it paste it on post data box And Click On Submit..

11)Yup done Shell Will Uploaded Successfully... :):)

Now that you have learned about data tempering on Mozilla Firefox Next time i will back with another cool post.:)

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  1. any dork for sites vulnerable to this?

  2. Keep dreaming guys, this is outdated.


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