Hi friends here are few cool Google chrome Extension that helps you in making your Facebook Look Best then any one else.
are you getting bored of same look and feel of Facebook then this post is gonn help you.
i am sure with trick you will be able to amaze your friends so all you have to do is download these extension and customize your
Face book account your way ..remember its not doesn't harm your privacy its just appearance of your Facebook account according to browser ...if you don't like the simply uninstall the extension from chrome settings so..its simple right lets star.

  • Facebook Colour Changer

    Facebook Colour Changer

  • Facebook Background Changer(Also Transparency Control)

    Facebook Background Changer

  • Facebook Ads Blocker

    Block Side by showing Useless Ads .

  • Connect Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

    Connect Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

  • Insert Image in Facebook Login background

    Facebook Login background changer

    Yeah I will Post more Cool tricks on Facebook ...Stay Updates.
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