One years ago when I started playing guitar, I didn't even knew a thing about guitar. I never took guitar classes, Internet was my only teacher. Now After Some Practice I can say proudly that I can play little bit of guitar...ha ha .

You can see my previous post on guitar apps learn via phones.

My only mission behind writhing this post is that people who begin learning guitar does not have good resources available. So with this post I'll try to post all good and free resources which can help any individual learn playing guitar.

Learn Guitar easily

I also want to say all that learning guitar is not such a big stuff all its need a big dedication and lots of practice ..and should have intrest in music art else leave it...:) now considering these into mind lets start playing Guitar we gonn rock.
All those who want to learn buy an guitar now and lets start ....

Can you see the above image, It is a basic guitar chord chart including all basic chords. I recommend you to print it out and practice chords first. Try learning 3 chords at a time.

Here is a pattern for learning Guitar

learn guitar quickly

Start with chords A - E - A min the reason I am saying to start with this combo is because E and A min are almost similar and improves chords faster.

Once you master the above three chords, Switch to this chord combo
D - D min - E min

And after that Try the Hardest chords G - C

Few More pattern from my side


Keep One thing on mind U need lots of practice to learn ...the more you practice the more you learn.

Once you master the above chords, Go for barre or bar chords.

You can also see this video to know more

Now may be this odd to put these Guitar related stuff but i am sure depending your love and visite i will be posting more on it...please leave comment if you want more such tutorial.

Thanks and Happy Playing..Keep Learning

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