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Continuing to content of today's course as the title suggest its about"Armitage And Metasploit".
So if you wan to become a real penetration tester then these stuff are must learn for you so i am sharing it with you for free free free.
Free Armitage and Metaspolit Video tutorial

All these video has been made by the author of Armitage Raphael Mudge,He created a six part video series which explains almost every aspect and usage of armitage in a penetration test, I recently came across the video series it is really worth time spending...

Not Only this if you have any query do ask in comment box i will try my best to help you.


2. Metasploit




6.Team Tactics

I believe After watching these series of video you will definitely thank me ..:) Do share comment your doubt.
I am also planning for a live session with you all lets hope how far i can do it.
Thank you again for your love a support.

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  1. video on access is missing :)

  2. Thanks For Telling Krishna :) I just updated it do check share :)


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