As I already posted some article on Kali and according to your request here is another post on kali.
1st of all download kali linux to a DVD/CD and then Boot Windows machine with the LiveCD.
Crack Windows Password
On the boot menu of Kali Linux, select Live (forensic mode).

Kali Linux initialize and when it loads, it will open a terminal window and navigate to the Windows password database file.
As i said previously Almost all versions of windows password is saved in SAM file.
This file is usually located under /Windows/System32/config.
On your system it may look something like this: /media/hda1/Windows/System32/config. See the screenshot below.
hack using kali

The SAM database is usually in the /media/name_of_hard_drive/Windows/System32/config

The screen shot below lists the SAM database file on my hard drive.
hacking windows with kali

Type command chntpw -l SAM and it will list out all the usernames that are contained on the Windows system.
windows password hack

The command gives us a list of usernames on the system.
When we have the username we want to modify and we simply run the command
chntpw -u “username” SAM

In the example below we typed: chntpw -u “Administrator” SAM and we get the following menu:
windows password with kali

We now have the option of clearing the password, changing the password, or promoting the user to administrator.
Changing the password does not always work on Windows 7 systems, so it is recommended to clear the password. Therefore you will be able to log in with a blank password.

You can also promote the user to a local administrator as well.

this was a simple tutorial on kali if you wants more do comment.

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