Hi Friends here is a good news for you all who always feel insecure in cloud space.
Mega Has Launched their first android app which provides you 50 GB Of storage space protected with 2048 Encryption.

The application has a search function with which to navigate to specific file on your cloud.
pretty much friendly to use and you can say easy to upload and download files.
Secured Cloud Storage

Download Link

Through your account and allows you to import, download, upload or delete files of any kind.
One function also enables automatic syncing of photos and videos taken using the smartphone on your Mega account.
Needless to say, the mobile app allows you to create links to access and share your files.

with this up-gradation of life style i always advice to have some cloud space of your own and i believe 50 GB is quite handy.
So try your cloud and keep storing :)

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