Hello everyone this is a small trick that has been used by many hackers to bypass phone / log in sms verification.
As you know these days many sites(like facebook,gmail...etc) use sms why is this sms verication?
Bypass sms verification
Itz very simple
  • Keep Log in process Secured with additional security
  • Banning spammer to login
  • Marketing and Advertisement

    So now we will be learning how can we bypass gmail (facebook, youtube, other shopping sites) without SMS verification. Because gmail allow to create only few account. When you try to create more account with same mobile number, Google restricted and you can’t create more account. so we can create counter less gmail accounts using following steps.
    This method is very useful to Bypass SMS verification and useful when you need to Sign up any account and do not feel comfortable to giving your real number or if you want to create multiple account.

    So to bypass these verification follow these steps :
  • First go to this Website : Receive-Sms Online
  • Copy any one number and paste it where they are asking SMS Verification.
  • Simply come back and click the number which you have selected, check it out there is your code sent by google, youtube or whatever else.

    SO i believe this process is very easy to follow.

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    1. This one works well too:


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