After along day gap lets start discussing some crispy tool yes it is hacker's love nmap that helps a lot in making things impossible possible :).

So What is NMAP ?
nmap commands

Nmap (Network Mapper) is a security scanner used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, thus creating a "map" of the network. To accomplish its goal, Nmap sends specially crafted packets to the target host and then analyzes the responses. Unlike many simple port scanners that just send packets at some predefined constant rate, Nmap accounts for the network conditions during the run.

Nmap has been able to extend its discovery capabilities beyond simply figuring out whether a host is up or down and which ports are open and closed

NMAP can determine the
  • operating system of the target,
  • names and versions of the listening services,
  • estimated up time,
  • type of device,
  • and finally presence of a FIREWALL.

    Nmap runs on Linux,Microsoft Windows,Solaris,HP-UX and BSD Linux is the most popular Nmap platform with Windows following it closely

    Top Features of NMAP

    Nmap features include:

  • Host Discovery – Identifying hosts on a network. For example, listing the hosts which respond to pings or have a particular port open.
  • Port Scanning – Enumerating the open ports on one or more target hosts.
  • Version Detection – Interrogating listening network services listening on remote devices to determine the application name and version number
  • OS Detection – Remotely determining the operating system and some hardware characteristics of network devices.
  • Scriptable interaction with the target – using Nmap Script Engine


    Open ur Console in backtrack/kali and type all the commands and see their working and do connect to internet also :)

    * typenmap and press enter :: to see all the commands of nmap

    ** Now how to scan ips in range and to see how many are alive :: command is

    nmap -sP

    *** Now how to scan ip in a specific range :: command is

    nmap -sP

    like we are scanning ip from 99 to 106

    **** Now we will do stealth scan to see how many ports are open on the specific ip :: command is

    nmap -sS and press enter

    ***** Now to find what operating system running on the ip address :: command is

    nmap -O

    ****** Now to scan for TCP connect :: command is

    nmap -sT

    ******* Just a null scan to check whether ip is alive or not :: command is

    nmap -sN

    ******** Now to scan for UDP connect :: command is

    nmap -sU

    ********** To scan for IP Protocol :: command is

    nmap -sO

    *********** To check ACKNOWLEGMENT (ACK) :: command is

    nmap -sA

    ************* To scan for which windows is running :: command is

    nmap -sW

    I believe that is what i know but still if i am miss some command do comment.Thank you
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