Hi every one this is a small article that helps a lot during any penetration testing ..some time we do need to share file with other to test our
file that we have created ,whether it is working or not ...not only this some time we do need to share file with our other windows machine.
Backtrack Tutorials
So follow these few commands and i am sure this will help you :).
Lets start

At First Open the console and type these commands

  • mkdir /var/www/share

  • chmod -R 775 /var/www/share/

  • chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/share/

  • ls -la /var/www/ | grep share

    Now the folder is created on path var->wwww->share what ever you need to share just put the content on that folder and simply type

  • service apache2 start/stop

    Now to access any file that you have put-ed on share folder simply type your Ip/share that is

    you will get the content simply download and have fun ...
    Share file in back track

    So directly if you want your created exploit to upload you can type following command in backtrack.
    cp /root/.msf4/data/exploits/* /var/www/share
    It will be uploaded on server thank you for visiting do share,comment,likes :)
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