Well friends i am just now recovering from fever so unable to post article for past around 5-6 dayz so feeling bit good now ...
today i decided to write a small post on IDM which many people face problem actually don't worry we are here for you i guess you all know why idm is used so need to explain theory much lets get in to action directly that is installing idm and download link.

Click Here to Download:Internet Download Manager v6.07 Keygen + Patch
(remember every thing that you need is already included).
File Size: 4.54MB
File Extension: .rar (Compressed Archive)

Note:Don't worry it is not a virus it is just a Packed file so it is detected as a virus.Moreover many Anti-Viruses block Keygen as a safety precautions.Its absolutely clean or else you can always go for "Sandboxie"

Steps to install:

(How to Use the Keygen/Patch)
1.Install the program.
2.Restart your PC if asked.
3.Make sure 'Internet Download Manager' is NOT running after you have restarted.You can use the Task Manager to end any associated Processes.
4.Go the file folder "SND" and then copy "SnDk&p.exe" into the folder where you have installed IDM.And make sure IDMan.exe is in that folder.Run the solution provided and apply patch to the file 'IDMan.exe'
5.Run 'Internet Download Manager'.
6.Generate a serial from "SnDk&p.exe" and use it for registration when it is asked.

Well Its all done now simple and easy !!Now your IDM will be of full version and you don't have to worry about it with this activator.

Thank you all Again :)

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