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So here is a small Article that is inside the book on SEO.

Lets Discuss ..

Meta Tags

Do You know What is Meta Tags well this is a fancy question asked Many time by many people.In simple meaning the word meta means The Meta(Raw) Description That Tells visitors as well as Search engine That What your bolg/website is all about.
Lets Look at this picture

Ok enough theory come to topic how you can add meta tags into your blogger shortcut way.Well i am going to reveal a small secret that is hardly known by
By enabling this feature, meta description for Posts will activate and you can then configure Description for posts using the blog post editor. To activate this option do this:

Follow this step by step :

  • Go to Home Dashboard then settings

  • Click the Edit link Under Search Preference.

  • Choose "Enable Search Description?"

  • In box define your blog in no more than 150 characters.

  • Click Save changes and its done!!! yeh

    Now come the important part...

    Since the above description wont work correctly in custom templates therefore we need to insert some code inside the template. Please go to Design > Edit HTML and just below paste the following code for meta description:

    Final Step Save your template and all done!now

    Meta Description For Posts

    Now open Blogger post editor and you will see a new option for post description:
    Yeh Its Done...:)

    Tips For You On SEO

    Now make a practice of writing a one line description for each and every thing that you post.Write no more than 150 characters or 15 keyword phrases. By doing this every new post that you publish will have a separate clean description that will attract more visitors by providing precise description of what you post is all about instead of a chopped random snippet of text chosen by search robot. This will help both robots in better indexing your posts and also Facebook and Google+ to display correct description for your posts.

    I hope you have gain a new things on your Blogger Knowledge thanks For Visiting And Don't forget to check my new Book On "Web Site Building And SEO "

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