Hello Friends As i have already posted few good hacking learning book on my previous post.

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This time i am posting a very famous book on hacking world ..this book is one of the revolutionary hacking learning book for beginner if you haven't downloaded it then go for this book one of the finest book for hacking learning also given with pictorial description so must download and see ..start hacking today :).

Book Name :The Hackers Underground Handbook E-book

Contents of this Book


1. How can I use this eBook?
2. What is a hacker
3. Hacker Hierarchy
4. What does it take to become a hacker?
5. Disclaimer

B. Programming.....9

1. Do I really need it?
2. Where should I start?
3. Best way to learn


1. What is it?
2. Choosing a distribution
3. Running Linux
4. Learning Linux

D. Passwords.....33

1. Password Cracking
2. Phishing
3. Countermeasures
4. More Programs

E. Network Hacking........48

1. Foot printing
2. Port Scanning
3. Banner Grabbing
4. Searching for Vulnerabilities
5. Penetrating
6. Countermeasures

F. Wireless Hacking...........70

1. Scanning for Wireless Networks
2. Cracking WEP
3. Packet Sniffing
4. Countermeasures

G. Windows Hacking....79

1. NetBIOS
2. Cracking Windows Passwords
3. Countermeasures

H. Malware....93

1. Definitions
2. ProRat
3. Countermeasures

I. Web Hacking...104

1. Cross Site Scripting
2. Remote File Inclusion
3. Local File Inclusion

J. Conclusion...114

1. Congratulations
2. Keep Learning

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