Metasploit 4.1.0 is the first release that includes Metasploit Community Edition, a free, optional extension to the Metasploit Framework, which enables comprehensive network discovery, a module browser, directed exploitation, and third party vulnerability information import, all via a graphical user interface. In addition, this release also includes:

For all versions, a complete overhaul and expansion of the Hosts tab, now called the Analysis Tab, with signficant improvements to the searching and sorting of hosts, vulnerabilities, credentials, collected evidence, and notes.
For Metasploit Express and Metasploit Pro, a redesigned Reports section, where all reports are now first-class generated reports. Generated reports also support a portable HTML format for easy in-browser viewing.
For Metasploit Pro, automatic tagging of new host records from discovery scans, Nexpose scans, or third party imports.

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    Metasploit Edition -After Installation
    Metasploit Pro Request- 7-day trial or enter purchased license.
    Metasploit Express- Enter purchased license.
    Metasploit Community -Request free product key.
    Metasploit Framework -No registration required.


    This video shows some of the new features in Armitage for Metasploit 4.1. You'll see improved tab management features, more exploit feedback, VNC, brute forcing, token stealing, and an export data feature to aid reporting. This video also offers a quick glimpse of the Metasploit Community Edition. You can learn more about Armitage at

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