Hello friends if you want to learn server rooting then i suggest this is the best book to start with.
I will post two best book to start learning on server rooting.

This E-book written by by Black -X Genius(Tunsian hacker 0xHat aka Black genius )

This small book contains nice article on how professional hackers got root on servers.
this book is for beginner.

Lesson those are in this book are

Contents/Lessons On This BOOK:

Lesson 1- What is Root ?
Lesson 2- How can I get on the Root ?
Lesson 3- Local root and how to search for him ?
Lesson 4- How connect the server ?
Lesson 5- How to get Root access ?
Lesson 6- What happen after the root ?
Lesson 7- The withdrawal of my domain ?
Lesson 8- How to do mass deface ?
Lesson 9- How to register the hacked
websites on Zoneh?
Lesson 10- How to clear tracks from server ?

Download the book from Link -
Also I will post a practical tutorial on server rooting soon.

After reading first book then comes the next step of server rooting will post the next book tomorrow.
So why to waste time download now and start server rooting today :)

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