Very recently One of the best security expert cum ethical hacker from india Named Rahul Tyagi Has launched one of the best Ethical hacking learning book With some great contents in it.Here is a small interview on the book with The Author Of the book Mr.Rahul Tyagi sir.
its an honor for Darksite to have such an top security expert from India with us tonight.


Darksite:Tell us sir how you have prepare this book and purpose behind hacking crux 2 ?

Rahul Tyagi:The purpse behind to write this kind of book was clear, to provide people a genuine and new content to the readers. So that they can learn the best security loopholes never shown before by anyone, with a genuine price. If you are alive from last 5 years you have seen more than 100 books by many people but max of then concentrate on theoretical material, one thing you will see in book upto 60% on the chapters are having screen shots of every demonstration, keeping practical approach in mind.

DarkSite:So You have explained every thing with screen shot demonstration Thats very nice for learners,and one thing we would like to know According to present sinareo and what is your personal motive to write this book?

Rahul Tyagi:As i told you before through this book i have provided cyber society an uncut study material in simple words which never reveal before, i personally want that every Security lover will get this book and feel not cheated. Bcz most of times readers buy books on ethical hacking and later when they read they feel like they wasted their money , what i personally feel after reading this book atleast once you will thanks me ha ha..

Darksite:well...:) sir another thing that strike into the mind of new learners that will this book is beneficial for beginners those who want to dig more and enter into cyber security world?

Rahul Tyagi:Yaa this book is strating from introduction to ethical hacking and ends with Backtrack 5 r1 with Metapsloit framework. For begineers its must read and we also considered corporate professional too, so wireless hacking techniques and Python Perl are the best chapters to explore for both begineer and corporate professionals.

Darksite:ok final question sir any message to readers if you like to say personally?

Rahul Tyagi:Its my 6th year in this field , and what ever i learnt in these years , i contributed in this book and if you like my contributions then do buy this book. and if you dont like you can thorugh this book out , ill dont mind , but i am sure you will luv it for sure.

Daksite:Well Thank you very much sir for spending your valuabel time with us and also we belive that this book will rock not only in india but also over whole world our best wishes is always with you.
Rahul Tyagi:Thank you Darksite :).

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