Hello friends this is an cool tricks that helps you to get maximum internet speed locally.
By changing your DNS you can increase your internet browsing speed by optimally yes this is genuine truth.
So Lets Begin...

To do this First of all you have to do is download this small program

Fire it up and choose your settings. Keep the top two boxes checked. If you're concerned about network censorship, check the third box, check the last box.

Click Start Benchmark and wait while Namebench runs its tests. It should take several minutes. A browser tab should pop open when
Namebench is done and give you a list of DNS servers and how much faster they are than the one you're currently using, unless yours are already the fastest possible.

Now Just Change your DNS in Preferred DNS server in your Ipv4 settings ...use the best DNS and get maximum internet speed.

Namebench does not change your settings, but it's generally pretty easy to do it yourself. Check with the instructions you got from your ISP to set up your modem and/or router and just substitute the DNS addresses you received from Namebench for the addresses given by your ISP. It's best to do this with your router, as it will assign that DNS address for all the devices attached to it.

That's it! This can dramatically improve your browsing speed, and it's fairly easy to work through.

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