Telnet is the basic hacking tool, which every hacker must know how to
use before he can even think about Hacking. It can be used to connect
to remote computers and to run commands by simply typing them in it's
window.Telnet does not use the resources of the client's computer but
uses the resources of the server to which the client has connected.
Basically it is a program that you will be using to connect to your
victim's computer. It just requires that you and your victim are both
conneced to the internet.

How can I connect to a remote computers using telnet?

Telnet can be started by going to start -> run and typing telnet Once
the Telnet windows pops up click on Connect->RemoteSystem then in the
host name type the host i.e. the IP address of the remote computer or
the website you want to connect to . Then in the Port select the port
you want to connect to . You can only connect to ports which are open
on the host computer.Almost always leave the TermType to vt100.We use
vt100 as it is compatible with most monitors . Then click connect and
you will be connected to the remote machine in some time.
The syntax of the telnet command from DOS prompt is
By default port is taken as 23. Scroll down and read more about ports

What is an IP Address?

Like in this world , everyone has a Home Address so that he can be
contacted on that address , similarly all computers connected to the
Internet are assigned a unique Internet Protocol or IP address which
can be used to contact that particular computer. An IP is simply the
address of a particular computer . Every computer connected to the
internet has a differnet IP address.
An IP address is of the form: .You can find your own
IP by going to start->run and typing winipcfg.If you need to connect
to a your friend's computer then you need the IP address of his
computer . There are many ways of finding out the IP address of a
person's computer without letting him know.

What exactly is a Port?

There are two kinds of ports-Physical(HardWare) and Virtual(Software)
You may be thinking of ports to be the slots behind your CPU to which
you connect your Mouse or Keyboard or your monitor. These sockets are
called physical ports . We are here interested in only virtual ports.
It is nothing physical but it is kind of a virtual pipe through which
information can go in and out of the computer. A particular computer
can have a large number of ports. All ports are numbered .Now at each
port a particular service is running. A software which runs on a port
is called service . For interchanging different kinds of information
different ports are used. A typical list shows the various ports

Ping : 7
Systat : 11
Time : 13
NetStat : 15
SSH : 22
Telnet : 23
SMTP : 25
Whois : 43
Finger : 79
HTTP : 80
POP : 110

You can connect to a remote computer at a particular port. When you are
connected to that port then you can interchange information related to
that particular port only. Ports can be open or closed. If a particular
port of a computer is closed then you can not connect to that computer
on that port. Generally most of the computers have atleast 5 or 6 ports

Whats a Daemon?

A daemon is a program that runs at ports. You can consider it to be a
software that manages the flow of information through the port . All
the ports can have different daemon / services running on them

Port Scanning??

It is the first step in finding a hackable server running a daemon.
Like softwares can have bugs , similarly daemons can have a hole
or a vulnerability .A hacker can utilize this hole for his purpose.
Say you want to hack into someone's server , what do you do ? You
need the IP address of the computer you want to connect to . This
is the first basic step . Once you have the IP , you need to know
which port is open so that you can connect to it . Every port may
not be open so you need to find out a list of open ports which are
running a daemon.Once you have the list of open ports on the victims
computer then you can connect to any one of those ports .For this
purpose we have port scanners. You just need to feed the IP address
into the port scanner and it will give you the list of all the open
ports of that IP.Some port scanners,alongwith the list of open ports
also gives the service running on each port and its vulnerabilities.
Once you have got the list of open ports then connect to each of them
one by one and see what daemon or service they are running.

But one thing you need to be careful about before port scanning is
that most port scanners are very easily detected and can easily be
traced and you have no excuse if you are caught doing a port scan.
It a sure sign of Hacker Activity and if the host is running the
right kind of Sniffer software maybe Etherpeek then the Port scan
can be easily detected and the IP of the user logged . Once your
IP is logged then you can be easily traced thru you internet
service provider, so be careful with port scanning.

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