Hello Friends this is an Android application that allow you to send free sms all over the world..
Things that you need to do.

Android Application to send free SMS

  • First of all download the application..

  • from the link below..

    Link To Download Application

    Now install the application into your Android cellphone...
  • Open the app & then it will ask for registration, so register & while registration they ask some zip codes and that's very important to complete registration . write any one of the zip code form below .

  • 1. 98660
    2. 98661
    3. 98662
    3. 98663
    4. 98664
    5. 98664
  • After that a number will be given(like 1(360)200-8369 "this is your number from server") to choose from a list.
  • After completing registration, send free SMS to any where in world .

  • Note:

  • 1.Even you can remove the advertisement . Just you have to open setting in app and go to signature and delete all and save it :).
    2.Now this is necessary to know that they provide you some other Number like ''+1593933929'' , so before sending SMS to your your friends or any one just tell them i am using another sender number, so kindly change send reply on my number. if they reply you on pinger no.(which they provided you) .

    Hope this information is useful for you thanks for reading stay connected with darksite for all such android appliaction
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