Have you ever faced a situation when you try to make a call to your wish on some special occasion but couldn't reach because of telephone network buzy...this happens in many Special occasion like Diwali, new year...etc.
The reason is that telephone network is designed to handle some limited calls at a time.
So Now I think you have got some idea of DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service)Attack.

Basic Of DDOS

Basically DDOS Attack is an attack which makes the network so congested such that no further request is delivered by network or responded by the network.

DDOS Attack is performed by considering number of connection to a website through different network or computer.As we know there are 64K number of ports available on windows Os computer to perform DDOS Attack.

There are many tools available to do DDOS Attack but here i am discussing performing DDOS with Anonymous High Orbit ION Canon v2.1

Steps to Hack website using DDOS

=>>First download the tool Anonymous High Orbit ION Canon v2.1 from here

=>>After downloading open the tool
=>>To add the Target click on “+” sign belw the Targets. A Pop up will appear enter the link of the url and select the Boost and click ok.

=>>Now final step click on FIRE THE LAZER !

=>>Now it will start ddosing the server and take down the site. ( It depends on your internet speed )

Start doing this from many computer at a time i am sue the site will be down for longer period of time.


1)Cannot be used against big servers like facebook,gmail,yahoo...etc
2)Small scale sites , college sites are easily targeted and hacked using This Attack
3)you can start DDOS Attack from 2-3 multiple computers for easy complition...:)

Hope this information is useful for you.
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  2. Hey dude, My system detected trojan in it

  3. Most of the hacking tools contains virus or Trojan program so be careful befor using . i suggest to use Deep Freez software on your pc to install such hacking tools .


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