This method is very useful for to send secret message to your friend.
That method is also very useful of lovebird.
here i will explain you all the details how it would be achieved to make self destructing message.
This method is used by many hackers to send make victim fool and use the
self destructive E-mail for illegal purpose.

Here Are the steps to create self destructive E-mail

1) First to make account on this site. And register on it.
2) After creating successfully account and go to your regular mail account and send mail to friend

Example:- as shown below image how to send email to Vitim.

3) At vitim side that receive message and read message after 1 minute msg will remove look something like this as show in below image.

3) Now using self destructing service also track person location and ip who read ur msg. Go to
Login your account in that site. And after you will see mail you send from other email account .and open it. You will get detail like below.

Using this technique also you can find vitim exact location and service provider ip address.
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