Friends Today i am going to share one of the latest tricks in Facebook that allow you to send own choice of image to insert into Facebook chat box.
It seems like a tuff task but in actual it is very very easy...see here how to do?
There is an interesting website. which generate chat code for you so you can able to post your favorite logo,photo, cartoon any kind of character !
See here the site link
so if you wanna create code for your own image just upload your image on that website . and wait for the code. it will take some time and give you a code just paste the code on the chat box and you are done ...the picture will be visible to
the other person on the chat box.

After few minutes you will get some code like this :

[[204343736323493]] [[204343749656825]] [[204343762990157]] [[204343772990156]] [[204343802990153]] [[204343809656819]] [[204343826323484]][[204343836323483]] [[204343846323482]] [[204343862990147]] [[204343869656813]] [[204343882990145]] [[204343892990144]] [[204343906323476]][[204343919656808]] [[204343929656807]] [[204343939656806]] [[204343949656805]] [[204343956323471]] [[204343976323469]] [[204343982990135]][[204343996323467]] [[204344009656799]] [[204344022990131]] [[204344032990130]] [[204344042990129]] [[204344049656795]] [[204344059656794]][[204344069656793]] [[204344079656792]] [[204344089656791]] [[204344096323457]] [[204344102990123]] [[204344109656789]] [[204344129656787]]

so just copy that code and paste it on your chat box. and you get result like this :

so... what are you waiting for show your friends your choice of photo and amaze them...:)
Keep visiting darksite for many latest tricks..

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