hello friends today i am posting an article on India's famous whit hat hacker known as Rahul Tyagi sir.Rahul tyagi sir is one of the leading computer security and ethical hacking trainer.he is also speaker of Defcon Chennai see his paperDefcon paper here , Now Learn Python with Rahul Tyagi...:)

Python Tutorials

Tutorial 1:
Video Covers Up

1. What is Python?
2.How to Download?
3. How to Install ?
4. Checking if working correctly or not

Tutorial 2:
This Lecture contains basic mathematics functions, and some other calculation stuff

Tutorial 3:
this video we will talk about Variables and Small Function that are being used in Python

Tutorial 4:
4th video talk about the functions available in Python.

Tutorial 5:
this tutorial we will talk about how to write a program in python and then how to save it in our hard drives for future use.

Keep Sharing ..and Keep learning thanks to Rahul Tyagi sir

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