KindEdior Remote File Upload exploit deface site easily

Here is one of the easy way to deface website this is also one of the Remote file Upload exploits for easy website hacking purpose...
these days many websites are vulnerable to Remote file upload Vulnerabilities

Google Dork :

intitle:index of? inurl:kindeditor



Choose any website from google search results and goto vulnrabel url like shown below

now click on upload n select your file, it will be automaticly uploaded,

and you'll got your uploaded file Link/URL there, and if you can't get your uploaded file link then goto


and you'll se lot of folders here, click on last folder and in the folder click on last file, its your uploaded file ..Enjoy & Must leave a Comment if you want more exploit like that, because
new article's posting depends on old article's popularity....

And stay connected with darksite for more exploits..

(upload here)
see the result ( For Educational Purpose )

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