Here is a very few known tool but very handy to use DVNA

DVNA Damn Vulnerable Web Application ,it is a collection of website hacking tool based on PHP / mySQL.
Previously i have posted huge number of hacking tools .
DVNA is one of the best option for beginners who wants to learn learn web hacking techniques from scratch.
although i have posted many hacking technique that i know but the beginners can also try this .
Various techniques web hacking attacks can be obtained from this tool.
Besides easy to use, lightweight and complete, DVWA run through a local server (localhost) using WAMP / XAMP / LAMP and others.

DVNA include some web hacking tools such as :

- SQL Injection
- XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
- LFI (Local File Inclusion)
- RFI (Remote File Inclusion)
- Command Execution
- Upload Script
- Login Brute Force

Download here

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