Hey You want to hack your friend’s Facebook or Gmail account right ? if yes then you are at the right place to learn all the technique to hack facebook and all latest technology .Ok Come to main Portion that You might have read it somewhere that “use this software/tool to hack Facebook/Gmail account” i believe Many people have published their posts about Facebook hacking software in blogger and they have also uploaded the videos on YouTube that use this tool to hack the Facebook account and bla bla bla...

Well Friends if you ever face any such stupid software or see any post in any blogger then please have a look on our previous post before going to use that

The steps of that type of those tutorials would be.

  • Download the tool
  • Run that tool
  • Enter your email id and password
  • And enter target Facebook email and no of passwords to try
  • And your target account is hacked !

  • Do you think this technique works ? Do you think Facebook is F**king stupid ? The truth behind that kind of the tool is that you are being hacked by hackers or the programmer of that software. They are simply providing you the spyware tools/key-logger . And your account will be hacked immediately.

    The truth behind Facebook account hacker tools
    (Must See those above post)
    There is nothing called Facebook account hacker tool, and you cant hack anyone's account without the mistakes of the victim.Do you think the guy there at Facebook or google is a fool .by using tools like this you are making your self as a fool unlike behaving like an expert hacker,so my intention is If you have downloaded that kind of tool them simply scan your computer with the antivirus or format your computer. The aim of this kind of tools is to hack the n00b hackers don't think like n00b , think like security expert.

    Then Now question arises how can you hack the Facebook account ?
    There are actually many ways of hacking a Facebook account and ways to hack Facebook passwords ;)
    Some are given below
    1. Most Popular Phishing Attack
    2. Always Handy Keylogger
    3.a. Sniffing in Network1
    3.b.Sniffing in Network2
    4.Social Engineering
    5.Hacking Facebook Account With Backtrack (Will Post article on it soon)

    So friends these are some way to hack Facebook account password never get trap with all those kinda of funky post on some blogger or Google result until unless the victim do not makes any mistake from own side you cannot hack his/her account.

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