Hello Friends Once Again I am Posting On SEO And Website Things So Lets Beging.
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We all Know that my Website has Google page rank-2 which means its completely SEO Optimize and What ever any one search from search engine like Google my website search result will come at top of search results thats why i get more than 50% of visitors traffic from search engine.Darksite also have Web reputation 90 For its quality content.
I will try my best to put all that what i know on my site ,so Thank you all again love you all.
So Now you Have your own website/Blog and you want High Google Page rank so what To do?

Its Actually Very simple formula all you need to do is continue adding Orignal and Quality content to your website/Blog.try to write post your article regularly.
It will guaranty placement in the rankings, don't ever copy anything from anyone's website or blog because soeme time for this reason your site might blocked by blogger, just keep adding content and backlinks (see My Previous post for huge backlinks). Submit your RSS feed to hundreds of RSS directories, Build thousands of back links, Bookmark your blogs on do-follow bookmarking sites, and do Link exchnages with High Page rank websites, Pagerank is according to how many links linking back to your blog.

Your new domain will be probably 0.
So Pagerank 0 is correct. Wait for 3 months or wait for Google pagerank updates. Don't worry if you have zero page rank initially every one start with zero :).

Google Page Rank Updates (expected Date)

PageRank 2012 Update in June ~ 30 Jun -2 July, 2012
PageRank 2012 Update in October ~30 Sep – 2 Oct, 2012
PageRank 2012 Update in December ~ 31 Dec – 3 Jan 2012


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Dot't for get to see all post regarding SEO On Dark Site.

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